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The future of human ampified walking has already started

There are quite a number of research activities related to alternative modes of locomotion discernible right now.

The most promising trends concerned with the development of locomotion machines without wheels are:


The attempt to copy the human ability to walk with computer supported machines. A trend that is followed by Japanese researchers most successfully. Currently their work is to be able to simulate the complicated course of walking and to develop computer programs that are capable to navigate these movements independently.

2. Fun sport

Right now quite a number of companies are occupied with the development of so called ”Springstiefel”, or kangaroo boots for recreational activities. Public interest is genuine. The market demand can hardly be covered, as the leading manufacturers claim. They are still working on new constructions that might be more promising with regard to their use in the fun sport area but which will still  be unsuitable as a means of locomotion.

3. Motor driven boots

Researchers at the Lufthansauniversität in Ufa have developed kangaroo boots that powered by a fuel engine. In the USA people are working on an electromotor powered derivation of the springwalker.

4. Medical walking devices

Researchers more and more people have got difficulties with their bones. Because of that the healthcare industrie is working on devices, that enables the person to walk again (or without pain). In future these divices will be equiped with sensors that will give direct feedback to the person that is wearing the divice.

5. Muscle powered locomotion machines

There are no considerable activities concerned with the development of a locomotion machine, capable of optimizing human walking, and thus representing a real alternative to known ways of locomotion. But this is exactly where the research and construction activities shown on this website drop in. In the near future, it is the author’s aim to develop just these kind of walking machines which cannot only be used in the fun sport area but which show a serious new way of locomotion. To come up with this kind of a construction it is necessary to organize and rethink one’s knowledge of the following issues:

  • Bionic, course of movement
  • Robotic, orthopedics, mechanical amplification of the course of movement
  • Medicine,  anatomy

In some of these issues cooperation has worked out already. There is a construction for a walking machine in progress that does not only make use of the power of the legs of its user but also of the power of his arms and his whole body to enlarge the locomotion energy. This shall be realized by cooperation with the developers of the springwalker.

Right now there is still need to find partners for the realization of such a prototype. Possible would be a cooperation with workshops, industry or interested people.

We are still looking for addresses of people interested, other researchers, project groups and sponsors who do not lack the fantasy, idealism and creativity it will take to bring this project on its way.

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