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++++++++++++++New Site dedicated for springwalekrs launched++++++++++++++
The site is available at www.springwalker.de

++++++ German Comany is building Springwalking-boots in an professional way ++++++
The company Powerskip (see www.powerskip.com) is building kangaroo-boots and is putting them into production. They say that the demand is bigger than the actual kapacity.

++++++ Brititsh designer Keahi Seymour (UK) wins the Royal society of the +++++++++
 Arts award for his bionic boots (see link in Linklist)

+++++ DRAPA (US Defense Advanced Reserch Projects Agency)  gets a ++++++++++
a new million dollar account for an Exoskeleton for Human Performance Augmentation .
 (see Infopack  http://drapa.mil/dso/textonly/solicitations/00/baa00-24/s/index.htm)

+++++ New advanced prototyp of the Springwalker is planed.+++++++++
More news about it soon on this page and in the new discussion-forum which is lauched soon.

++++++++++++ International Conference of walking robots 2001 ++++++++++++++++
Conference planed in Karsruhe, Germnay in September 2001, more under: http://fzi.de/clarwar2001

+++++++++++++ New Site dedicated to jumping boots is lauched ++++++++++++++++
Check out all news about it at www.kenguruh.de (also available in Englsch)


Latest Update: 26 Sep. 2001

More news are coming soon....

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